Transform the scheduling experience for managers and employees

Managers and employees waste hours every week on simple scheduling tasks. When HR software are connected to their users’ calendars through Cronofy, meetings can be scheduled in a click!

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Employee scheduling made easy

With Cronofy, managers and team members can connect their calendars to their HR software. The event organizer can query the availability of up to 300 calendars to find the most suitable time for everyone involved. Meeting rooms can also be added to the booking and invitations automatically sent to every attendee.

Scheduling internal meetings is up to 99% faster with real-time scheduling technology.

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No matter the meeting type, it just works

Face-to-face interactions are critical to boost employee engagement. They are also key to promote team work and inspire creativity. Everyday, millions of meetings are scheduled around the world. Cronofy exists to help ensure these key events happen without adding stress on to managers and employees.

  • Onboarding
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Performance reviews

Optimize the employee experience

Having to organize a phone call to check when colleagues are free is not fun. Endless email chains about coordinating meeting rooms aren’t either. When the calendars of every employee are connected to their HR software scheduling becomes painless. It is also possible to track attendance to ensure meetings happen in order to increase employee engagement.

With Cronofy you can lessen the administrative burden of scheduling for all your users.

Developers can save time too

We have built the technology to make real-time scheduling possible so you don’t have to. Cronofy’s Calendar and Scheduling APIs work with all 5 major calendar providers. Your developers only have to build 1 integration instead of 5. We also make sure the connections with the calendar services always work.

UI Elements can save you front-end development time. These are JavaScript components that can be embedded in your website or application.

And with our Enterprise Connect solution, you can onboard all of an organization’s calendars in one go.

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