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Cronofy has built a best in class sync engine that keeps everything up to date in real-time. No double-bookings and no time spent rescheduling meetings.


You can decide to only access free/ busy information if you don't want to access, protect and encrypt calendar data.


In the time it would take you to build something that works with one calendar service, you can build something that works with five.

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"Integrating with Cronofy was really straightforward. Their documentation and support are first-class. We were able to quickly and easily integrate calendar availability into our call scheduling feature without having to worry about setting up several disparate calendar service integrations."

Chris Yancey

Full stack engineer
"Writing custom integrations for multiple calendar APIs can take months of work with all the configuration and testing. Cronofy’s APIs simplified that process in a fraction of the time. We only have to worry about the actual implementation of our Booking Feature instead of worrying about the overhead of the integration."

Caryssa Perez

Iris Works
"Cronofy's Calendar API manages to be both very powerful and easy to work with. We were able to build two-way calendar sync in our application in a few weeks. The implementation itself was straightforward and their support team was quick to help with any questions we had."

Albert Armengol

Docplanner Group
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Try before you buy when you set up a developer account to integrate scheduling to your software

Be sure Cronofy is the best scheduling partner for your business before you commit. Our free trial has no feature limitations and you don’t need to commit to any sales calls or payment details before giving it a try. This, along with our first-class documentation, makes the assessment and integration process seamless and hassle-free.

The Cronofy API provides a common API over all five major calendar services and the most popular conferencing platforms. We sync millions of events for some of the biggest SaaS companies, and our growing list of global data centers ensures you control where your user's data resides.

Your privacy is paramount

We make sure you keep control of your calendar and that it's private to you and those you'd like to share your availability with. Security is at the core of what we do and we have the best practices to ensure that privacy is never compromised.


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