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Our demo application gives you an idea of what’s possible when you integrate your software with Cronofy’s API. Bookings, events and scheduling become a breeze and our UI elements mean it all looks great.


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These preview videos show just some of the possibilities of what can be built with Cronofy. Book a live demo today and discover all the features that you could offer your customers using our scheduling, availability and calendar sync features. The demo is always bespoke and the content is tailored to your company and requirements. With many use cases in other industries beyond HR to explore, you'll be able to discuss options and also ask our team technical questions on the call. Schedule a demo call with our team at a time to suit you!

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Employee Tech scenarios

To see more potential applications for Cronofy’s API, watch our employee tech demo preview video with options for scheduling internal meetings and better team and employee management practices.

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Personio is building an innovative HR management and recruiting solution for HR departments, managers and employees. Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both their working and personal lives.

Hanno Renner
Co-founder & CEO - Personio

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