Allowing any developer to interact with their customers' calendars, no matter which calendar service they've chosen or had forced upon them.

Calendars are amazing interface opportunities.

  • They're present on every smartphone
  • They deliver information at the time it's relevant
  • A mature and pervasive sync infrastructure ensures the data is available offline

So why, when I book a hotel is that information not just automatically in my calendar?

When I book a table at a restaurant why is that not automatically in my calendar? If I then delete the event, why doesn't that cancel the reservation?

Because calendars are an integration nightmare.

As an application or service developer, you have no control over which calendar services your customers use.

You hope for Google because the Google Calendar API is the most sensible to integrate with. However they are the minority, especially in the workplace.

Developing and maintaining one integration point is challenging enough. Integrating with all the calendar APIs makes most benefits you'd get from it uneconomic so you're consigned to using ICS files and complex user instructions.

One Calendar API for all the calendar services

We've handled all the complexity of integrating, maintaining, and monitoring activity across the major calendar service providers. Because we've done this, you're finally free to use your customers' calendars as an extension of your service.

You can put the information your customer needs, at the time they need it, in the place they need it and build better experiences.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas about how we can help you integrate your apps and services with your customers' lives please don't hesitate to get in touch

Adam Bird, Founder

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