Swift, precise automatic booking management with CoachLogix

Swift, precise automatic booking management with CoachLogix

Industry: Education Tech

Language & Framework: Python, django & ember

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing CoachLogix

Sophisticated business coaching platform CoachLogix makes it easy for professional coaches, providers, and companies to benefit from smarter and more efficient training.

The Cronofy API allowed us to add calendar sync support to our platform in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build support for separate protocols.

Derek Edwards, Co-founder & CTO, CoachLogix

Their intelligent all-in-one platform is designed to provide the best service possible, offering data analysis, admin assistance and clever bookkeeping all through one secure, user-friendly system.

As part of this, executive coaches provide individual training sessions for their clients. CoachLogix’s service and reputation relies on them being able to manage their bookings accurately and efficiently. Both coaches and clients need precise, real-time availability of both free appointment slots and scheduled commitments to maximise productivity.

The challenge

CoachLogix’s scheduling previously relied on coaches adding their availability to their calendar, self-managing their appointment schedule, and keeping track of any changes (such as canceled or rescheduled sessions). Bookings were added and altered when a coach remembered and had the time. Many coaches also used separate appointment diaries and additional calendars to keep on track.

Not only was this at odds with CoachLogix’s reputation as an efficient all-in-one service, it resulted in more inconsistent scheduling. Uncertainty, the threat of clashing appointments, and the need for manual time management were challenges that needed eliminating for CoachLogix to offer a truly unified platform.

The solution

By integrating with the Cronofy API, CoachLogix was able to eliminate all scheduling pitfalls for a future-proof calendar system that sets them apart from their competitors. They now offer their users:

Reliable real-time availability information – Every calendar is kept up to date automatically, making it easy to see available slots and scheduled bookings.

Seamlessly controled calendar sharing – Users control the information they share to maintain privacy.

One calendar for all clients – It’s easy for coaches to manage bookings for multiple customers in one place.

Peace of mind bookings – All parties rest assured that appointments can’t clash or be double booked.

A streamlined, user-centric workflow – There’s no need to switch to a different service or set up a new account: coaches can use Google Calendar, iCloud, or any other provider they like. Everyone can use their preferred technology and there’s no change to users’ workflows.

Maximum scheduling efficiency – Cronofy eliminates the need for manual schedule management. Users know exactly how much time they have to play with – and when – in just a glance. There’s no need to remember to reallocate a booking or remove a canceled session so it becomes available again – it’s taken care of automatically.

CoachLogix Calendar Sharing

The end result is a razor-sharp time management system that perfectly complements CoachLogix’s other features. Automated and consistent, it balances the opposing needs of privacy and information demands to replace user frustration and doubt with complete peace of mind. Best of all, it ensures that no precious time goes to waste.

How it works

CoachLogix utilises the Cronofy Calendar API to read in live availability dates and push appointments out the moment they’re made, eliminating the chance of double booking and the need for manual user management.

This means that coaches effortlessly maintain their professional reputation safe in the knowledge that they don’t need to manually adjust appointment data or worry about clashes. Instead, the whole booking system is automatically optimized for both coach and client, ensuring they can focus their attention on teaching and learning rather than scheduling.

Optimize your booking management like Coach Logix

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