Workplace management software SpaceIQ uses real-time calendar sync to deliver great scheduling solutions

SpaceIQ uses real-time calendar sync to deliver great workplace scheduling

Industry: Facility Management

Language & Framework: Ruby on Rails

Product: Availability API, Enterprise Connect

In a nutshell

Introducing SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ offers an integrated workplace management solution with a range of workplace optimization features such as space planning, move management, real estate forecasting and more. SpaceIQ’s mission is to help companies of any size to increase engagement, fuel productivity and reduce costs.

Companies like WeWork, Marketo and LeapFrog are all using SpaceIQ to deliver great features to their users and employees. This includes viewing workspace availability, being able to plan seating scenarios ahead and seamless move management.

Enabling companies to effectively utilize their workplace has a direct impact on improving the employee experience. SpaceIQ users can easily locate a colleague, book a meeting or find a desk. Workplace experience also has an important impact on employee’s productivity, job satisfaction and engagement. When employees have the technology to find the right meeting space and other resources they can focus on higher value tasks.

The Challenge

Managing a workplace effectively is not an easy task, it is often time consuming and challenging for all parties involved.

In order to provide a complete suite of solutions for workplace management and satisfy their customer’s needs, Space IQ wanted a straightforward and accessible way for their users to book a meeting space.

They decided to connect the meeting rooms and resources reservation systems to a mobile app that employees could download on their phones. In order to achieve this they needed to allocate a calendar to every meeting room and sync that calendar with their mobile app. Everything needed to happen in real-time – from availability information to the booking itself – to prevent double-bookings.

The mobile app also needed to work with every calendar service providers as SpaceIQ clients use different services, not just Google Calendar or Office 365.

But building calendar sync that works with all major calendar provider is a tough challenge. To be reliable calendars need to update in real-time and connections need to be maintained.

This is why SpaceIQ reached out to Cronofy. Our mission is to help SaaS businesses deliver great scheduling experience to their users and clients.

SpaceIQ use case resonated with us as we understand the impact of a poor workplace experience on employees. The Cronofy Calendar and Scheduling APIs enables two-way, real-time calendar sync between SaaS applications and all major calendar services providers like Google, Apple, Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange (including on-premise).

By using Cronofy we were able to focus on our core product rather than the challenges of the various calendar platforms. In the time it would have taken to integrate just one calendar service, we implemented Google Calendar, Exchange, Apple, and Outlook calendar integration all via the Cronofy API.

Aleks Sheynkman, Director of Engineering | SpaceIQ

The Solution

Using our technology has enabled SpaceIQ development team to spend less time focusing on building the calendar integration aspect of the solution and concentrate on business-critical functionalities that directly solve customer needs.

Employees who work in businesses that use SpaceIQ solutions to manage meeting rooms and resources can access the real-time availability of the resources they need thanks to our Availability API.

Meeting rooms are assigned calendars, these calendars are then synced with the mobile app, so their real-time availability is visible to every user. When they want to book a meeting room, they can view availabilities, capacity, and resources of the nearby meeting rooms and book it in a click.

Once a slot has been booked a calendar event is created and added to the meeting room calendar and that slot becomes unavailable removing the risk of double bookings. A notification is then sent to the user on their phone confirming the booking.

It prevents risks of double-booking and makes cancellations and rescheduling straightforward as everything happens in real-time. Everyone wins.

SpaceIQ’s is using our Enterprise Connect API to grant Cronofy access to meeting rooms calendars in one go. Their clients’ IT teams has complete control over the calendar sync and onboarding process. This allows the calendars of all the existing meeting rooms to be synced to the app without having to authorize each calendar individually.

Enterprise Connect also ensures that the calendar integration is fully secured, there is only one point of entry into an organization’s calendars meaning there is only one entry point to secure and monitor.

SpaceIQ go even further to improve workplace management processes and implement best practices. They use the booking data from the Cronofy integration and from other sources to carry on analysis on how meeting rooms are used. They are looking for improvements in how to better utilize available space which can contribute to using energy more responsibly.
The data is also being used in their forecasting tools to identify opportunities and plan improvements.

By using our calendar and scheduling APIs SpaceIQ was able to deliver real-time scheduling to their users in a fraction of the time it would have taken their development team to build a full calendar sync solution from scratch.

We were particularly impressed by Cronofy’s API documentation – specifically RubyGems – and the quality of support provided. We also benefited from many of the existing Cronofy features. That was particularly important when considering meeting rooms booking and meeting rooms availability across several companies.

Aleks Sheynkman, Director - Engineering | SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ has streamlined their workplace management solutions even further, offering a better workplace experience for employees and making it easy to find an available meeting room, desk, or any resource they need.

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