Smart, reliable calendar synchronization with Trekksoft

Smart, reliable calendar synchronization with Trekksoft

Industry: Online Booking

Language & Framework: PHP & MySQL

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing Trekksoft

Innovative tour and activity booking solution TrekkSoft is transforming the industry with a combination of feature-rich booking solutions and state-of-the-art software as a service (SaaS).

TrekkSoft’s customer base of tour and activity providers handle everything from promoting their services to managing their calendars all from one easy-to-use interface. Its core service incorporates a mobile-friendly booking engine to make managing time and accepting online payments intuitive and hassle-free.

Thanks to Cronofy we saved on implementation costs as the complexity of the project was greatly reduced. Furthermore, we now support more systems than we would have been able to otherwise.

Valentin Binnendijk, Co-Founder/CTO, Trekksoft


TrekkSoft’s services also incorporate a website builder, marketing tools and a channel manager all aimed at helping their customers make the most of their trip and activity businesses.

The challenge

Since TrekkSoft prides itself on adding value and creating excellent tools to drive customers’ success, it’s not surprising that they were keen to implement a popular client request as part of their core offering – an amendment to their booking system to allow their customers to access up-to-the-second information about their bookings at all times and from all devices and calendars.

TrekkSoft works with a diverse range of clients across 112 countries. Each client has a variety of trips and multiple activities on offer, and for each of these they need to know who to pick up, when, and where, so staying organized and making the best use of available time is crucial to their business.

Not only does TrekkSoft need to provide a solution that works with a range of calendar providers, from Microsoft Exchange to Apple iCloud, but each calendar requires excellent synchronization that ensures they always show accurate, real-time information.

An overlapped booking could not only cost Trekksoft’s customers money but also harm their business reputation, so TrekkSoft was keen to implement a solution that was reliable, cost-effective, and scalable in order to meet their growing needs.

The solution

Using the Cronofy API, TrekkSoft was able to implement a booking management system that ensures perfect synchronization between clients’ calendars of choice.

The integration ran smoothly as the account was created in a minute and the API was very well documented. I was really excited that it took me just about an hour to get answers to my technical questions. And the support team not just answered my questions but gave me technical advice and suggested workarounds for problems that I faced.

Also, Cronofy provided us with really good support when we reached the rate limit. We got all the information necessary to understand what was going on and that helped reduce time required to fix the problem.

Since the Cronofy admin panel shows all requests and responses from the API on the web page it was easy to debug the application during the integration.

Oleg Lyakhoven, Developer | TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft synchronizes all trips and updates events with all the vital guest information, such as new bookings, rebookings, and cancellations, for the ultimate streamlined customer experience. Bookings never overlap, and TrekkSoft’s customers rest assured that they are getting a reliable, easily accessible service meeting their business needs and reputation.

Founder Valentin Binnendijk went on to explain, “Calendar synchronization provides a lot of additional value for both our customers and our business. Not only are we able to connect them closer to our system, but also the added functionality means we can charge more for our service.”

TrekkSoft’s customers can automatically synchronize their trip calendars with their own calendars, regardless of whether they use Google Calendar, Apple iCloud,, Exchange, or Office 365 as their calendar provider. TrekkSoft’s Cronofy integration also means it can offer the assurance that all booking changes are automatically updated on customers’ calendars so they are always on top of the whos, whens, and wheres of each trip.


The company can now guarantee their customers that their calendars, booking information and availability details are always precise, ensuring a consistently smart, reliable experience for all.

Our clients requested the ability to synchronize their bookings and trip calendars to their own calendars and mobile phones. Cronofy provided a simple solution that allowed us to implement this functionality for different calendar systems and helped us bypass the complexity of dealing with a series of different APIs and services.

Now our clients spend more time doing what they love most – taking part in outdoor adventures and activities with their customers – and are still informed automatically about new guests arriving, their upcoming trips, or any changes to the booking schedule.

Valentin Binnendijk, Co-Founder/CTO | Trekksoft


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