Effective real-time project management with Pinipa

Effective real-time project management with Pinipa

Industry: Project Management

Language & Framework: Node.js

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing Pinipa

Project management can be a huge challenge in any business. Communication breakdowns and project delays have a considerable impact on profit, progression and staff satisfaction. It can also be difficult for project teams to get the rest of the organization to use digital tools to manage projects, follow deadlines and share input.

Pinipa, an intelligent cloud-based project software solution solves this problem by focusing more on the people who make the project work than on the boxes being ticked. With Pinipa users can create easy to understand visual representations of any project and manage different stakeholder groups with targeted updates, great looking announcements and advanced analytics. Even better, Pinipa integrates with existing project management tools.

Having Cronofy manage all of the calendar providers APIs in a single API connector has made our platform much simpler and gives us more agility to work on value-added features for our clients.

Rory Bradford, Lead Technical Architect | Pinipa

Keeping everybody informed in complex projects is hard and Pinipa provides an online hub to keep track of all of the project milestones, events, and deliverables, which is incredibly valuable for a project team. Having important dates and deadlines automatically synchronized and updated across everybody’s calendars makes project management simpler and ensures that everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

The Challenge

Another major project management issue in managing projects in larger organizations is that they use a wide variety of different tools – including calendars – which makes it hard to communicate seamlessly. Pinipa needed a solution to unify calendar entries and updates no matter which calendar service the project stakeholders use.

The Solution

The Pinipa team was looking at ways to offer real value, going above and beyond standard iCal subscription link. With the changing nature of enterprise projects, they couldn’t risk having customers’ calendars taking up to 24 hours to update on an iCal subscription. By using Cronofy they ensure customers’ calendars are always up to date and offer real-time, reliable information no matter what calendar service they use and that all information stored on the calendars is handled by Cronofy and kept private and secure.

Pinipa uses Cronofy’s event creation feature to push events to their users’ calendars. Integration with the Cronofy Calendar API means that calendar entries can be updated in real-time and that these entries will be kept up to date throughout the duration of the project.

With Cronofy, Pinipa also uses push notifications so the software can track which users have kept their calendar invites and which users have deleted the entries from their calendar and therefore might not attend. This is useful to track attendance and notify the key meeting or task organizers who can then focus on chasing up the stakeholders they suspect might not attend the meetings or reach their deadlines.

Benefits of unified calendar integration

After integrating with the Cronofy API calendar, Pinipa’s users now have a much simpler way of keeping track of key dates for projects managed in Pinipa. Project teams can be fully confident that their users’ calendars are always up to date and that communication breakdowns are much less likely to happen. Having this on a visual and collaborative platform makes managing all of the moving parts much easier. Productivity and efficiency have been greatly improved as project managers spend less time chasing up stakeholders and more time focusing on the actual ideas behind the projects.


For example, Microsoft Ventures uses Pinipa to help manage their Accelerator programs for startups. There are Accelerator programs all around the world, and with a multitude of mentors, advisors, investors, and CTOs and CEOs who need to connect and exchange it can be difficult to ensure everyone is on the same page. Microsoft treats this as a project powered by Pinipa to manage event scheduling, tutorials and learning sessions in a few clicks.

It’s a huge technical undertaking to integrate and maintain connections with all of the main calendar services, especially for a potenially infinite number of calendars, which is why the service that Cronofy provides is so critical. The Cronofy calendar API has helped Pinipa grow and opened up many more sales opportunities without them having to invest heavily into maintaining individual calendar APIs. They can focus on adding more features to their service, some of which they didn’t think about implementing before using Cronofy.

Providing project oversight in a simple way for complex projects is difficult with all of the different mediums that organisations use to communicate progress. One of those clear challenges is keeping everybody’s calendars up to date with all of the key dates, milestones and events. As a platform, providing that service in real-time is challenging across all of the different calendar platforms. Cronofy gives this ability out of the box for our clients in a way that far exceeds their expectations.

Sandy Forster, Co-founder | Pinipa


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