Astute, dependable healthcare scheduling with Zesty


Astute, dependable healthcare scheduling with Zesty

Industry: Healthcare

Language & Framework: Ruby on Rails

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing Zesty

Leading digital health company Zesty provides an unbeatable healthcare search, comparison and appointment service designed to maximize efficiency and keep everyone in the loop through on-demand access via desktop, tablet, mobile and cross-platform apps.

Not only has Zesty had over 60 awards and nominations, but it now serves large enterprise environments within the NHS and hospitals across Europe. Zesty’s success is largely due to the quality and efficiency of their service; their mission is to help anyone book an appointment in under a minute, making online healthcare appointments as easy as restaurant bookings.

Real-time booking is at the heart of what we do at Zesty. Cronofy has allowed us to deliver that for calendar users rapidly and reliably.

Lloyd Price, COO | Zesty

Since one of Zesty’s key priorities is saving time for both patients and professionals, it’s vital that their service harmonizes with the needs and devices of their users. One of the biggest challenges in this area is calendar synchronization, particularly when multiple calendar providers are involved.

The challenge

With cross-platform functionality in place, Zesty’s next challenge was to integrate with users’ calendars in the best way possible. A large number of professionals rely on calendars to run their healthcare practices, and connecting them all into the Zesty platform was a daunting prospect. Different practices use different calendar providers, and on top of that, all calendars need to be kept up to date at all times to ensure that valuable time isn’t wasted and bookings don’t clash.

The solution

By utilizing the Cronofy API – specifically event and synchronization functionality – Zesty was able to start offering their users real-time bookings and availability options without worrying about double bookings or delays with synchronization. Crucially, clients and patients don’t have to change the way they or schedule bookings, meaning fewer appointments need rescheduling or are missed. Zesty ensures bookings suit everyone’s availability.

Cronofy ensures healthcare professionals automatically sync their work calendars to the Zesty platform. With permission, their real-time availability is accessed to share with users. Then, the moment a booking is made, it’s pushed to the professional’s calendar to avoid double-booking.

As Zesty was already linking to several practice management systems, an additional benefit of the Cronofy API was that they could then treat all of the calendar-using professionals as a single, reliable system with real-time appointments and availability. Patients and healthcare professionals alike rest assured that through Zesty their time is always managed with optimal efficiency. Bookings are easy and accurate regardless of calendar provider, leaving them free to concentrate on what’s important: health and wellbeing.

The documentation and support provided by Cronofy is first rate. It meant our engineering team were able to rapidly integrate calendar sync functionality into the Zesty platform and deliver value extremely quickly. The almost non-existent maintenance overhead means we’ll continue to accrue value from this work for a long time to come.

James Balmain, CEO | Zesty


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