Two-way calendar sync for SaaS applications

Help your users save time with better scheduling. Add two-way, real-time calendar sync that works with every calendar service provider.

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Global brands deliver better scheduling with Cronofy


Add two-way, real-time calendar sync to your application

Considerably reduce the time your users spend on booking appointments by adding calendar sync to your software.

Many booking experiences involve users jumping in and out of programs, making phone calls, or sending emails just to book a simple appointment.

From enabling users to see when people are free to meet through to booking the most complex event sequences, calendar sync can help.

But adding two-way, real-time calendar sync is time consuming and expensive, especially when you have to cater for a variety of calendar service providers. It takes months of development time.

Cronofy’s Unified Calendar API works with all five major calendar service providers so you can add real-time, two-way calendar sync to your applications in a fraction of the time.

Deliver great scheduling features that work for everyone

Our Calendar API connects your software with all major calendar service providers – Google, Apple,, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

Development time is reduced by up to 90% as developers only have to build and maintain one connection. Your features can be live in weeks or even days, not months.

When users sync their calendars with Cronofy they can book appointments in seconds. Every event that is created or edited on your platform will be mirrored in real-time in their calendars and vice versa.

Double-bookings and missed appointments are a thing of the past. Everything happens in real-time making online scheduling easy.

Give your users the possibility to sync their calendars to your website or application and increase engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Working with the Cronofy team has been great, we were able to deliver exciting new scheduling features based on the real-time availability of our users in less than a month. Our users have taken full advantage of the new features, reducing their administrative tasks considerably and allowing them to offer a better candidate experience.

Erik Andersson
CEO - TeamTailor

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Getting started with the Cronofy Calendar API

You can request a demo with one of our account executives and see the Cronofy Calendar API in action. You can see what exciting new features you can add and how two-way, real-time calendar sync can take your software to the next level.

Browse the customer stories section on our website for the latest brands we are working with as well as the use cases section for more inspiration on what other exciting features you could offer your users.

We have also just released UI Elements that your dev teams can embed on your website and applications to save even more development time.

Key Benefits


Works with all major calendars

Build great scheduling experiences without having to build and maintain calendar integrations with each major calendar service provider.


Save development time

In the time it would take you to build something that works with one calendar service, you can build something that works with five.


Real-time sync

Cronofy has built a best in class sync engine that keeps everything up to date in real-time. No double-bookings and no time spent rescheduling meetings.


Secure calendar user data

You can decide to only access free/busy information if you don't want to access, protect and encrypt calendar data.

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