Slack Calendar Connector

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Slack Calendar Connector

Connect your calendar

With our Slack Calendar Connector, you can:

  • Schedule meetings from directly within Slack
  • Send meeting invites to people inside and outside of your Slack workspace (even if they don’t have the Slack Calendar Connector installed yet)
  • Get a list of upcoming meetings for the day
  • Set meeting reminders

Schedule meetings in Slack

To schedule a meeting with a colleague, type in the Cronofy meet command followed by: who you want to meet, when you want to meet them, and why.

For example, to schedule a meeting with someone next Thursday about the new website, you’d type in:
/cronofy meet @Carlos next Thursday about the new website

If they use the Slack Calendar Connector, they’ll receive a notification asking them to choose the best time for them.

If they don’t, they’ll receive an email with a booking link.

It even works for people outside of your Slack workspace – just use their email address.

See upcoming meetings

See all your upcoming appointments for a certain day.

To see what meetings you have coming up today, type in:
/cronofy today

Or, if you want to see them for next Wednesday, use:
/cronofy next Wednesday

If you want to set up a private reminder, just @slackbot.

Set your own rules

It’s up to you what times you want to be available for meetings. You can set your availability so that meetings can only be scheduled during certain times of the day, ensuring you have plenty of time to eat your lunch time burrito.

It’s up to you which Slack groups and channels you connect and can post to.

For a full list of example commands, visit our Slack Calendar Connector help page.

Calendar Connectors for Trello, Zendesk, and Evernote

We also have calendar connectors available for Trello, Zendesk, and Evernote. You can use as many of them as you like for the same calendar.

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