Evernote Calendar Connector

Evernote Calendar Integration

Ever wished Evernote had a calendar?

Never fear, the Cronofy Calendar Connector is here!

You can use it to keep track of all your upcoming deadlines.

It works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365.

Once you've set up your connection, everything updates automatically.

Best of all? It's free.

Evernote Calendar Connector


  • Real-time accuracy with automatic two-way syncing
  • Compatible with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365
  • Works with all operating systems and devices
  • Optimized security and privacy
  • Evernote App Center approved
Evernote Calendar

How it works

After you’ve set up the Evernote Calendar Connector, simply create a reminder in Evernote and a corresponding event will appear in your calendar.

From your calendar, you can then alter the time by moving the event, modify your note's name by changing the event name, or delete the event to remove the reminder.

Our Evernote Calendar is a secure, free, set-and-forget service that's super easy to set up.

Follow our step-by-step guide below to get started in under 30 seconds.

Evernote Calendar Connector

Never forget a deadline

Keep your deadlines alongside your personal and professional appointments. Move them in your calendar and they'll sync across to Evernote straight away. Get connected now.

How to connect your calendar to Evernote

Choose the calendar provider you want to connect to Evernote.

Evernote Google Calendar

2. Connect Evernote

Follow the onscreen prompts, then click ‘Connect to Evernote’, followed by the green ‘Create connection’ button.

Evernote Calendar Integration

Sign in to Evernote following the onscreen prompts, then click the green ‘Authorize’ button.

Evernote Calendar

3. Choose your settings

Select your preferred calendar from the dropdown and choose ‘Start Sync’.

You’re all set! Your reminders will then appear in your calendar and you can begin creating Evernote reminders.

If you want to sync more than one calendar, simply repeat the process for as many calendars as you like.

Evernote Calendar Connector

Get started

Sync as many calendars as you like. Get started for free in under a minute.


Why is your Evernote Calendar Connector free?

We created the Evernote Calendar Connector to demonstrate what our main service, the Cronofy API, can do. Find out more about how developers use Cronofy with our use cases.

What do you do with my data?

We take data privacy and security very seriously. Our services have been built to meet the high-level security standards required by international corporations who use the Cronofy API. We read only the essential data required to provide you with our service, and we don’t store data on our servers or share it with third parties unless your service wouldn’t function without it. For all the specifics, please see our privacy policy and security information.

Who can see my calendars and calendar information?

Your calendar provider and our servers. We’ve built our API and apps so that we only access the data we need to provide you with this service. For more details, please refer to our security and performance page.

What if I change my mind about using the connector?

Simply go to https://evernote.cronofy.com and click the 'Delete account' link. Our system then recognizes it as inactive, and any data is removed from our system.

Do you have any other calendar connectors?

Yep! Check out the full list of our calendar connectors.

How many calendar connectors can I use?

You can use as many of our calendar connectors as you like. They all work together.

What should I do if I have a technical issue or my question isn’t answered here?

Drop us an email at support@cronofy.com and we’ll do our best to help!

What is Cronofy?

Cronofy is a unified calendar API that works with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook.com, and Microsoft Exchange. We built our calendar connectors to show you some of the ways in which it can be used. Explore our use cases to find out more, or create your free developer account and explore our sandbox.