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Because she chose Cronofy, Zoey was able to deliver first-class scheduling solutions to her users in a fraction of the time she would have needed if she had to build everything from scratch.

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Did you know? Cronofy is a member of CalConnect. A consortium of vendors and users whose purpose is to improve all aspects of collaboration services, in particular calendaring and scheduling.

When you use Cronofy you help decide the future of calendars!

Mission accomplished

Real-time scheduling is a roaring success with users. They are saving hours every week now that they don’t have to send 3 or 4 emails every time they want to organize a meeting. Zoey is already thinking of the future features she can build!

Better scheduling for everyone

Real-time scheduling improves the user experience and engagement. It also represents a new revenue stream for software providers.

Time to celebrate

Zoey can be proud, it only took her 8 weeks to deliver full calendar sync and embedded scheduling using Cronofy. Today is the big day, the new scheduling features are going live and will be available to all her users.

Cronofy takes care of all the maintenance for you and ensures your calendar sync and scheduling features are always working and up-to-date.

Back to the start

Alex is still working on the Microsoft Exchange integration. His CTO has reminded him that the integration needs to support on-premise Exchange as many of their enterprise clients need it.

But just as Alex is making progress Google announces an update to their calendar API. Google calendars aren’t syncing anymore.

Alex has to troubleshoot and update the first integration he built.

Feature launch

Cronofy’s UI Elements are embeddable and customizable JavaScript components. They can save weeks of front-end development time.

Scheduling features unlocked

Zoey has built advanced real-time scheduling features into her software. Users will be able to share their calendars to fully automate booking processes. She saved even more development time by using the Cronofy UI Elements.

In the last decade alone, Microsoft released over 127 versions of Exchange. Cronofy supports all of them including on-premise versions.

Another hurdle

Alex is still working on the first phase of the project. Building calendar sync. He has just finished building the integration for Office 365. Now he needs to start work on Microsoft Exchange. He is weeks, months even, away from building scheduling features.

Adding value

With the Cronofy Calendar API developers only need to build 1 integration, not 5. It saves them months of development time.

5 out of 5

It only took Zoey 4 weeks to build calendar sync between her software and all 5 major calendar providers. Events are updated in real-time. It just works!

1 is a lonely number

Things are going more slowly on this side. In the same amount of time, Alex has only managed to build real-time calendar sync with Google Calendar. He is now working on connecting to Office 365. It’s not the best use of Alex’s time.

Ready. Set. Build!

Founded in 2014, Cronofy’s purpose is to give everyone more time. We are focused on delivering the scheduling tools that allow businesses, groups and people to organize their time effectively.

We are off and running

Zoey logs on to her Cronofy developer dashboard and completes a couple of tutorials. She also has access to code libraries, SDKs and, if she has any questions, she knows she can email the Cronofy support team!

Calendar integration is hard

After doing some research Alex realizes he will have to build and maintain 5 different calendar integrations. He decides to tackle Google first as it seems the easiest.

Preparation makes perfect
Who made the correct decision? Let’s find out!

Zoey does her research and decides to use Cronofy. She creates her developer account and she is off to work immediately.

Alex is confident he can build calendar sync with all major providers from scratch. He decides to fly solo.

The characters

Zoey and Alex are developers. Their CTOs have tasked them with building real-time scheduling features into their SaaS solutions. These features must sync with all major calendar services providers: Google Calendar, Apple,, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

The Cronofy build vs buy challenge

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