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Managing meeting rooms is a hassle. Booking meeting rooms when a limited amount of rooms are available is hard in any company. That’s even more challenging in coworking spaces where several businesses share access to meeting rooms and resources.

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Meeting room booking made easy

Let your users see which meeting rooms are free with calendar sync

Managing meeting rooms can be tricky. Workplace management software allow meeting rooms to be booked but it is often a separate process from booking the meeting – and inviting the attendees – itself.

With Cronofy’s technology the calendars of meeting rooms can be synced with any SaaS application. When users are looking at times when their attendees are free they can also see the meeting rooms availabilities.

Invites to attendees and the meeting room booking can happen in a click. The event can also be added automatically to the calendars of the attendees to help them keep track of their commitments and prevent double-bookings.

Put attendees in control

Go further, let event attendees self-schedule meetings

One of the reason why scheduling meetings can be so time consuming is because the event organizer doesn’t have a view on the calendars of external – outside of their organization – attendees.

This leads to a stream of emails or calls with both sides trying to find a time that works for everyone involved. That’s how key meetings end up being pushed back weeks so that everyone can make it.

With Cronofy the availability of all synced calendars – including meeting room calendars – can be shared via a booking link. This link can be emailed or texted. The attendees can then pick the time slots that works for them to schedule the meeting and book the meeting room.

Save development time

Take a shortcut on scheduling without compromising on data security

With Cronofy you can add calendar sync and real-time scheduling to your software and offer a better experience to your customers and users. But calendars contain a lot of sensitive information about our life and keeping that data secure is paramount. We ensure that the calendar data that is entrusted to us is always protected.

You can also give your customers’ IT teams total control over the calendars your software can access through Cronofy. They can grant access to the calendars of a team or individuals and revoke that access when it’s no longer required.

User interface elements

Embedded calendar sync on your website or application

UI Elements are JavaScript components that are designed to be embedded within your web application. They leverage our APIs to help you deliver seamless scheduling solutions. Our Availability Viewer and Slot Picker UI Elements use our Availability API to share the real-time availability of connected calendars.

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By using Cronofy we were able to focus on our core product rather than the challenges of the various calendar platforms. In the time it would have taken to integrate just one calendar service, we implemented Google Calendar, Exchange, Apple, and Outlook calendar integration all via the Cronofy API.

Aleks Sheynkman
Director of Engineering - SpaceIQ

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