Zapier App For Any Calendar

Author: Adam Bird

3rd June 2015

I’ve long been impressed by what can be achieved thanks to Zapier, and decided to try supercharging the calendar triggers using the Cronofy calendar API to see how it could be made even better.

The problems

As great as Zapier is, it has three main problems when you use the service as-is for calendars:

  1. You have to set up different Zaps for different calendar accounts.
  2. Microsoft Live and Apple aren’t supported.
  3. There are no triggers for when events are deleted.

So we’ve fixed all those things using the Cronofy API.

The solution: Zapier calendar integration

In preview today is the Cronofy Calendar API Zapier App. With it you can set up triggers when ‘Events are Created’ and ‘Deleted’.

This is true across all of your calendar accounts, one calendar, or just selected calendars – the choice is yours.

Here’s a quick screenshot to show it in action:

Screenshot 2015-06-03 16.49.58

It’s very simple to use and you can of course ‘Create Events’ in response to any of the existing Zapier Triggers.

So if you want stay on top of changes to team calendars, track Trello tasks in your calendar, auto generate an Evernote Note with a reminder for every meeting…or any other of the multitude of calendar use cases on Zapier, it’s now possible. For any and every calendar service. With triggers for deleted events. Job done.

We love showing the power of Cronofy in action, and now you can use it to make your life and scheduling tasks easier. There’s no need to compromise on your tools and services – just add Cronofy.

Get started

The Cronofy Calendar API Zapier App is really easy to use and just works. But don’t just take our word for it – connect your calendars and see the difference for yourself.

Try out enhanced Zapier Calendar App Triggers today – they’re free!

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Adam Bird

Date: 3rd June 2015 | Category: API, Productivity