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Author: Jérémy Bourhis

29th July 2015

Introducing Cronofy Calendar Connector for Evernote

We’re thrilled to officially announce that Cronofy has joined the handpicked, elite set of apps available in the Evernote App Center!

It’s a new landmark for Cronofy, as it appears in the form of the Evernote Calendar Connector, which transforms your Evernote reminders into calendar events and syncs any changes.

We designed and launched this to show you what’s possible using Cronofy, and to open up the floor for you to go on and develop your own integrations and apps utilising our integrated calendar API.

If you want the technical low-down on how we did it then head to How we built the Evernote Calendar Connector.

Evernote Calendar Connector

The power of the Cronofy calendar API is used to make your Evernote experience even better through our free, easy to use Calendar Connector app, ensuring Evernote is integrated into your life properly and efficiently.

Getting started

We’ve made using the Evernote Calendar Connector as simple as possible.

In just three quick steps, you add your calendar, connect it to Evernote, and then change your settings as needed.

Connect your Evernote calendar

Evernote Calendar Connector

Calendar Connector features

Calendar Connector has a number of essential features, including:

  • The ability to automatically turn your Evernote reminders into calendar events.
  • Adjustment of dates, times, and names of events as you require.
  • The changing or removing of reminders (either from your calendar or Evernote).
  • Deleting calendar events without deleting the corresponding Evernote note.
  • Having all changes synchronised automatically, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your calendar updated manually.

Whether you use one or all of these features, the Calendar Connector saves you time by ensuring you don’t need to add notes to your calendar yourself.

It also significantly reduces the margin of error that comes with having to manually add, update, change, and delete your calendar scheduling information (and remembering to do it in the first place!) when something changes in your Evernote account.

Cronofy community translations

One of the best things about Cronofy as a service is that our users love it just as much as we do. We’ve had some great community contributions so far, and we’re delighted to announce that you can even (already!) get your Evernote Calendar Connector reviews and tutorials in both English and Czech:

If you have anything to add, suggest or contribute – no matter what language! – please send us an email: hello@cronofy.com. We’d also love your feedback on the Evernote Calendar Connector and how you’re using it to improve your scheduling.


Use the Evernote Calendar Connector from Cronofy

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