Security vs Simplicity

Author: Adam Bird

27th November 2014

Finding the right balance

The future of technology is exciting. With every new product, every new update, every new internet service, the possibilities begin to feel more and more endless. Yet there’s something that holds us back- a fear that the future may in fact resemble something more like 1984 or Minority Report – our every move tracked and traced.

Increasingly concerns have arisen as we realise just how much of our personal lives is known by other companies, often companies we’ve never even interacted with. Our shopping habits and internet history sold on, our smart phones tracking exactly where we’ve been for the entire time we’ve owned them, and adverts that follow us around the internet because they know where and when we’re most likely to buy.

It all feels very Big Brother, and not the kind you can switch off easily by simply changing channel.

And yet… we want the optimisation. I love that my phone can save location info on a photo so that when I look back I can remember where and when I took it; I love that Google saves me time by remembering what I want to look at; I love that it remembers my locations to make using Google maps easier.

The thing we need is more balance – between security and simplicity. Because just because I want my life to be simpler, doesn’t mean I’m willing to compromise my security for it; and really, why should I have to?

  • I want a company that won’t sell on my data.
  • I want a service that can make my life more straightforward.

Am I being demanding? I don’t think so. After all, companies can still make a profit, just in a less intrusive and invasive way.

Companies should be competing to provide greater security and peace of mind to their users.

The Cronofy security approach

At Cronofy we’re hyper sensitive to security issues, because we get so frustrated ourselves when our data is misused.

We therefore promise our users that we will never sell your data. The only thing we will ever use your data for is to optimise the service we offer you, and the services that are linked to us that you decide to use.

Moreover all users will have the option to refuse or retract permission for companies to create events on their calendar, or read events in their calendar. And those preferences can be updated if you ever change your mind.

Customers can also turn off Cronofy’s access to their calendar at any time.

Finally – optimisation without the compromise – stay in control of your security, and enjoy a simpler life. What more could you ask for?

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Adam Bird

Date: 27th November 2014 | Category: Cronofy, Features