The Benefits of Scheduling for Career Centers

Author: Kristina Proffitt

1st March 2018

Career centers play a vital role in bridging the gap between a students’ full-time education and their entrance into the job market.

The more connections a career center has, the more opportunities there are for students, and the more marketing opportunities there are for the university and the businesses affiliated with it.

Utilizing the latest technology is one way that career centers can help universities stand out among their competitors. This shows businesses that may want to work with them that they’re forward-thinking and the students that they put forward are likely to be, too.

One of the ways career centers can demonstrate this is by using calendar sync. Calendar sync cuts out the need for long email chains or phone discussions for people to find a time to meet. Students can book a meeting with career advisors or businesses based on everyone’s real-time availability. It’s a quick, simple process for everyone involved.

Scheduling for careers advice

Working out what to do after graduation is often the most daunting part of a students’ life. That’s why career centers are so important. The advice that they offer is invaluable and can be the difference between a student walking into the perfect industry for them and falling into a job that has nothing to do with their degree.

Because of how important these services are, it can be difficult for advisors to find enough time to meet everyone. Drop-in services sound like a good idea, but they can mean that some days and times are busier than others. This can lead to advisors not having enough time to see everyone on some days, and with plenty of spare time on others.

Calendar sync benefits students and career advisors by eradicating these inconsistent patterns. Booking software can link to the career advisors’ calendars, then use this information to suggest a list of times to students. Students can then book slots based on this availability. This ensures that everyone gets seen and that nobody turns up only to find that there’s a large group of people in front of them.

It also ensures that the time in the career advisor’s calendar is blocked out. This prevents two students from booking the same time with the same advisor, or any other meetings coming up and overlapping.

Advisors are then free to focus on spending time with students and don’t need to worry about who arrived first in the queue.

Connecting students and businesses

The links universities have with businesses can be vital in helping students to fulfill their potential. They also help attract undecided students because it shows a clear path from school, to university, to the working world. The more of these connections a university has, the more opportunities there are for students, and the stronger the university’s brand is.

When an application uses calendar sync, students can schedule meetings with businesses for mentorship, internships, and even job interviews. There’s no need for a career advisor to get involved once the student is set up on the platform. Students can schedule meetings at their own convenience, based on the real-time availability of those working for the business.

Those meeting with students from the business then don’t need to do anything until it comes to the meeting itself. The booking is added to their calendar automatically, preventing any double-bookings on their end. Details of the student, such as their name and their major, can also be added to the calendar event’s notes, ensuring that they have everything they need to know before they meet.

If a student is also connected to the platform, it can use their schedule to work out a mutually convenient time. This means that students don’t accidentally book a meeting with a potential employer during a class or a one-to-one with their professor. Appointments can then be automatically added to their calendar, ensuring no future events clash either.

Seamless, hassle-free connection

Using calendar sync, connecting students and businesses is a seamless, hassle-free process for everyone involved. Students get the guidance that they need, and they have more opportunities to connect with businesses because the process is so much easier for them, too.

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Kristina Proffitt

Date: 1st March 2018 | Category: Edtech