How to Save Interview Panelists Time

Author: Kristina Proffitt

1st August 2017

Interview panelists are often managers or key members of a team.

When they take time out for the hiring process, their team suffers.

However, it’s important for a manager to meet candidates so that they can assess their skills and see how well each candidate fits in with their team.

Unfortunately, this means the rest of the team have a bigger workload, adding to workplace stress and making everyone less efficient.

It’s therefore important for managers and HR teams to find ways to streamline the hiring process as much as possible.

The more efficient the hiring process is, the more time managers have to spend with their teams and on getting things done.

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the hiring process is finding a time that works for everyone when organizing interviews.

Coordinating an interviewer’s schedule with interview candidates is complicated. The more members there are in an interview panel, the more complicated it gets.

Hiring managers spend hours coordinating everyone’s schedules so that interviewers can meet candidates. If there are several stages to the interview process, this quickly adds up to several days a year lost to a simple administrative task.

As technology continues to evolve, simple tasks like these can be streamlined to save hiring managers, candidates, and even interview panelists copious amounts of time.

How to save interview panelists time

Traditionally, interview panelists had to block out chunks of their day or week so that they were available to interview candidates. If they didn’t do this, they had to take part in long email chains or time-consuming phone calls so that the hiring manager could find times that suited everyone.

When HR software takes advantage of Real-Time Scheduling, these things can become a distant memory.

Syncing interview panelist’s calendars to HR software allows hiring managers to see who is free and when in real-time. If an emergency meeting comes up and someone is no longer available, that time is removed from the list of available interview slots.

If the opposite happens and an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, provided the rest of the interview panel is also free, that time is then added to the list of potential slots for hiring managers to share with candidates.

So long as the interview panelist’s calendars are up-to-date, when their calendar is synced with HR software, they don’t need to worry about double booking important meetings, or scheduling two interviews at the same time.

They don’t even need to worry about adding interviews to their calendar. Whether they’re interviewing one candidate or a dozen, as soon as an interview is booked it can be added automatically.

Advanced calendar sync

Connecting individuals’ calendars to a HR software relies on employees setting up and maintaining that connection.

Our Enterprise Connect feature takes the pressure off – every calendar on a company’s domain can be connected to HR software automatically.

This means the connection between a user’s calendar and the HR software is managed for them, freeing them up to focus on more important things.

Creating a connection in this way is also more secure because there’s one access point for everyone instead of one for each user.

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