Rebranding: One Diary becomes Cronofy

Author: Cronofy

10th December 2014

Moving on from One Diary

We’ve come a long way since we started just over a year ago, learning more and more about how we can best help people run their lives effectively as we’ve developed.

For the past year the One Diary name has served us well, but we’ve found that it often constrains people’s perceptions of what we can achieve.

We’re not just another calendar app. We’re bringing something completely new, and, though we say it ourselves (we’re not the only ones), something fantastically exciting, to the table.

As we grow, the possibilities to optimise people’s time through our software are limited only by the size of our imaginations – and we’re a pretty imaginative bunch. And that’s without factoring in the contributions and feedback from our budding community, the people who use our service every day and are best positioned to make great suggestions and tap into endless possibilities.

The Fourth Dimension

So we felt it was time for a rethink. We needed a new name which would embody the potential of what we’re working on, and which would better reflect the focus of our efforts.

Derived from “Chronos”, the greek personification of time, our new name embodies the motivation behind our work: making the most of the time you have.

Over the next few days we will be rebranding One Diary as Cronofy.

Next steps

We’re really excited about the new branding and what it represents: the next chapter for our company as we continue to revolutionise how people use their calendars and their time, enabling web developers and global services to do the same for their own clients.

Please let us know what you think by tweeting us at our new username, @cronofy. We’re excited about what the future hold and look forward to continuing our journey with you.

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Date: 10th December 2014 | Category: Cronofy