Personal access tokens for our Unified Calendar API

Author: Cronofy

24th October 2014

Introducing new personal access tokens

We’re always busy working on new features behind the scenes, so it’s always a great day when we can report that new functionality is live. We particularly love it when we can push new functionality live that we know will save you time and make your life easier by its very nature.

Today is no exception. We’re pleased to announce you can now generate personal access tokens for our unified calendar API. In practice, this means you can try out the Cronofy API with your own calendars with having to go through the process of setting up all the infrastructure for a formal OAuth handshake.

Uses for Cronofy personal access tokens

Personal access tokens are great for:

  • Testing the waters and having a play with the Cronofy API to see how it fits into your project.
  • Demonstrating to clients and/or colleagues how our calendar integration works.
  • Seeing how our API integrates with other third party services or your own code.
  • Giving someone else in your team (e.g. a junior) access to experiment.
  • Using the Cronofy calendar API for your own calendars.

There are plenty more things you can do with personal access tokens, so please get in contact with the team and tell us how you’ve been using them – we love seeing how people use our functionality in different ways, and if we can support that or improve it further for you, we want to know about it.

Extra support

Do you need more help or advice with our calendar API personal access tokens? Simply have a read of our API documentation to see what’s possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cronofy team if you have any questions or suggestions. We’ll help wherever we can.


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Date: 24th October 2014 | Category: API, Cronofy, Developers