New Startup of the Year 2014

Author: Cronofy

20th November 2014

Cronofy wins Best New Startup

We’re very excited to announce that on Tuesday we were named New Startup of the Year at the Nott Tuesday Tech Startup of the Year Awards.

About the award

To meet the criteria for eligibility, the finalists had to be relatively new startups (i.e. less than a year old). The judges’ emphasis was on the startup’s potential…and there were a lot of judges to impress! We’re thrilled that the fantastic line up recognised our potential – our heartfelt thanks go to Aamir Butt, Robert Cawfron, Aisling Duffy, Jonathan English and Andrew Porter for crowning us with the honour of New Startup of the Year 2014.

The event itself

The Nott Tuesday Tech Startup of the Year Awards ceremony was buzzing with excitement. Nott Tuesday is one of our favourite events anyway, but it was great to see the hive of startup entrepreneurs and talented established business owners coming together to celebrate a year of excellency in business.

We’d also like to congratulate the winners of the ‘Emerging Startup of the Year’ category, which was an award for mature startups (i.e. up to five years old). Ensek are an excellent company and we’re looking forward to seeing their future growth and success.

The event also benefited from lots of amazing sponsors at all levels, including G2 Innovation, Esendex, Next Business Generation, Creative Quarter, Skeleton Productions, ShooSmiths, Security Aware, First Enterprise, PayPal and JH. Phew!

The Cronofy team reaction

All in all it was a fantastic evening and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We’re feeling very proud and very grateful.

We also can’t stop showing off our very cool award to anyone who’ll still look – it’s a Gapingvoid design and it’s amazing! We hope it will be the first of many 😉

As always, thank you for your continuing support of Cronofy and your contributions towards making it the service it is.

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Date: 20th November 2014 | Category: Cronofy