Introducing the Trello Calendar Connector

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

7th June 2016

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Trello Calendar Connector! Similiarly to our other calendar connectors, the Trello Calendar Connector helps you stay productive by automatically populating and updating your calendar with the Trello cards of your choice.

Simply assign a due date to your Trello card and it will appear as an event in your calendar. It’s compatible with all the major calendar providers, including Google Calendar, Apple iCloud,, Office 365 and Exchange.

The Trello Calendar Connector is simple to set up, updates automatically, secure, and scales up.

If you’re already familiar with our calendar connectors and know that this is something you definitely need in your life, here’s a quick link to hook up your Trello and calendars: Trello Calendar Connector.

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Trello Calendar Connector features

Link your Trello account and your calendar and enjoy full control over which boards and cards appear as calendar events. You can:

  • Have all your own assigned cards with due dates sync with your calendar (for any/all of your Trello boards).
  • Have all of a board’s cards with due dates sync with your calendar.
  • Connect multiple Trello boards to multiple calendars.
  • Create dedicated calendars on your calendar account directly from the Trello connector.
  • Manage due dates and adjust event names directly from within your calendar. They’ll update themselves in Trello accordingly.

Thanks to two-way syncing, any changes to Trello cards are automatically synced with your calendar so you always stay up to date.

With these features you can manage shared schedules easily, control due dates, see deadlines in context and much more, no matter how you use Trello or what you use it for.

How to connect Trello to your calendar

Set up your Trello Calendar Connector in a few simple steps from

Trello Calendar Connector

Follow the step-by-step instructions and your calendar will be supercharged in seconds.

We need your feedback!

If you’re trying out our Trello Calendar Connector, please drop us an email ( or tweet us (@cronofy) and tell us what you think.

Want more? We have a bunch of other calendar connectors, and we’ll be adding more to the list soon (feel free to make suggestions!).

Give your calendar Trello superpowers

Organize your team’s work better in seconds with the Trello Calendar Connector. It’s secure and easy to set up.

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