Introducing the .NET SDK for the Cronofy Calendar API

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

26th October 2015

Making web development easier

As well as continually working on updates and new features for the Cronofy API, we’re also committed to providing you with tutorials, guides and code to help get you up and running with minimal time and effort.

This is an ongoing focus designed to make your life easier and open up calendar integration further so there’s less dependency on specific programming languages, frameworks, and environments. Cronofy was developed in this way from the very beginning; some calendar APIs only play well within their own remit, such as Microsoft- or Windows-specific environments, and that was something we’ve fixed with the API itself.

However, we want to take this further and apply it across our tutorials, guides, and apps too. Ultimately, we think you should be able to use Cronofy in the way that suits you best, without having to compromise on programming language or user experience.

The .NET API library

As a result, we’re working on rolling out more in the way of code libraries in different languages to make getting started with Cronofy even easier. There’s a lot less code to write, and it’s a much gentler introduction to calendar integration.

We already have our own Ruby gem as well as a community-submitted Python contribution, and we’re very happy to announce we’ve now added a Microsoft .NET SDK to the gang.

Check it out here: .NET SDK for the Cronofy Calendar API.

.NET code snippets

To show you just how easy it is to use our API in .NET now, take a look at these code snippets:

/// Initialize client

var client = new CronofyAccountClient({YOUR_TOKEN_HERE});

/// List calendars

var calendars = client.GetCalendars();

foreach (var calendar in calendars)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} - {1} - {2} ({3})", calendar.CalendarId, calendar.Name, calendar.Profile.Name, calendar.Profile.ProviderName);

/// List events

var events = client.GetEvents();

foreach (var evt in events)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} - {1}", evt.Start, evt.Summary);

/// Create an event

var eventBuilder = new UpsertEventRequestBuilder()
    .Summary("Cronofy Example")
    .Description("Example from the Cronofy .NET SDK")
    .Start(2015, 10, 20, 17, 00)
    .End(2015, 10, 20, 17, 30);

client.UpsertEvent(calendarId, eventBuilder);

Be what’s next

We’d love your feedback on this, particularly if you have a lot of experience with .NET, so please email or tweet us @cronofy with your thoughts.

The same is true for comments and suggestions about our tutorials and code libraries generally, and what you’d like to see improved or added next.

Additionally, if you’d like to get involved with our community code libraries, we’re always looking for volunteers to help us out 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy the .NET API library!


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Date: 26th October 2015 | Category: API, Cronofy