Introducing Calendar Connector for Zendesk

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

18th August 2015

Cronofy powers Zendesk Calendar Connector

Make your life easier with the new Zendesk Calendar Connector, powered by the Cronofy API. This app automatically synchronizes agents’ tasks and calendars, so they can plan their time and never miss another deadline.

Zendesk Calendar Connector

We’re delighted to announce that our Zendesk calendar connecting app has been added to the Zendesk marketplace, which is home to a carefully selected group of apps that genuinely make the service better.

While our main focus will always lie with developing and improving our calendar API service further, we see part of our role as demonstrating just how powerful Cronofy is. The Zendesk Calendar Connector was designed to show you the kind of thing you can do with the Cronofy Calendar API, and provide some inspiration for your own work.

We love seeing what you do with Cronofy, so please email us ( with your integrations so we can showcase them accordingly.

How to connect Zendesk and your calendars

Just three short steps lie between your Zendesk and calendar integrations. We’ve made the process as simple and easy as possible, and once you’re set up, everything will be taken care of automatically.

Start here: Connect your Zendesk calendar

Zendesk Calendar Connector

You’ll need an admin to install and authorise the app (all the Triggers are automatically created). Then each agent just needs to log in to the individual calendar accounts to authorise the Calendar Connector app, and you’re ready to go.

Zendesk Calendar Connector features

Calendar Connector has plenty of great features to make scheduling and organising within Zendesk even better:

  • Mark Tickets as Tasks to automatically add an event to the assigned agent’s calender.
  • Events include the name and a link back to the task in Zendesk.
  • Ticket numbers are included in the subject line.
  • Automatic two way syncing – calendar date changes are synced automatically.
  • Works for all calendars whether you’re using Apple, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Live or Google Calendar.

By automating the process, you can rest assured that everyone will receive the notifications they need to plan their time, working efficiently without the stop-start manual effort normally needed to keep Zendesk data and multiple calendar information in sync. Your team works better with the Calendar Connector, whether it’s used for ticket deadlines, internal meetings, customer scheduling, or anything else.

Feedback and ideas

If you have any suggestions for improvements, or additional features you’d like to see, please submit them to our feedback portal so we can prioritise them accordingly and see which are the most popular. Alternatively, if you use the app and find it useful, feel free to send us (@cronofy) and @zendesk a tweet. Thanks!


Add the Zendesk Calendar Connector from Cronofy

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