On finding Cronofy “indispensable”

Author: Adam Bird

15th August 2014

The importance of feedback

Speaking to your users is a critical part of building a successful business. In particular, we love Kathy Sierra‘s eloquent take on building badass users. Unless you speak to your users you haven’t got hope of knowing whether you’ve helped them be badass.

While it can be a personally humiliating and testing process as you painfully learn the truth about your assumptions, you also get to hear the success stories. Here’s a fantastic example – feedback we received from Cronofy advocate Dom Finn:

I have been using Cronofy for 8 months now and have found it indispensable. The method of creating calendar entries has never appealed to me due to a mix of having to provide too much information and a poor user experience.

I generally like to create an entry in the moment and find going into my diary(s), navigating to the date in question and then completing the form a chore. With Cronofy you can just send an email to their “bot” and provide some fairly liberal information as to when the event will take place.

I currently use 3 different calendars due to work, home and historic commitments and this was unmanageable to the point where I just didn’t use any of them. Cronofy abstracts this problem away, leaving only the most important things; when, where and who you are meeting with. It can sync between yours and others’ calendars using an opt in approach, simply include a hashtag!

Used within the enterprise the insight that Cronofy promises to provide in the future is what really excites me. Providing analytics of who meets with who, when and where could revolutionize how we communicate. Nobody else has the facility to easily understand the relationships between your employees without having to install a large amount of software infrastructure and then having to achieve buy in of that technology. Essentially Cronofy hopes to answer the question of “what on Earth are we all doing with our time?”
                                                                            – Dom Finn

If you’re a Cronofy user and would be up for sharing your experiences, we’d love to hear from you at hello@cronofy.com or @cronofy.

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Date: 15th August 2014 | Category: Cronofy