How to Manage Your Workload with our Trello Calendar Connector

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

13th June 2016

The beauty of Trello is in its simplicity – it’s just boards, columns, and cards with no constraints around how they’re used.

This flexibility makes it a great tool for a whole range of uses beyond project management.

We use Trello for all sorts at Cronofy, both inside and outside of work and the new Trello Calendar Connector by Cronofy allows our Trello tasks to merge seamlessly into how we manage our lives, in a way that’s just not possible with a traditional one-way calendar feed.

Here’s some great ways you can use Trello and your calendar to easily organize your life…

Organize all of your deadlines

If your organization is anything like Cronofy, you probably have a number of Trello boards used for different teams, different functions and different types of work, and tasks could be assigned to you from any of them. Having all these tasks spread across multiple boards makes it a challenge to manage what work is due to be completed by you week to week.
Reorganize calendar
Reorganize your calendar and your Due Dates update in Trello automatically
By using the Trello Calendar Connector by Cronofy to get all work assigned to you across the organisation to appear in your calendar.

It makes it really easy to see what’s due this week and see in advance where you’ve got more work creeping up on your than you have time to deliver and then without leaving your calendar you can reorganise all of your due dates across all of your organisation’s Trello boards to fit in with your schedule.

Blog schedule

One of the great ways to use the Cronofy Trello Calendar Connector is to combine the management of a task with the schedule of when they need to happen and a blog schedule is a great example of this.

With Trello you can represent all the stages of development a blog post goes through: ideas, first draft, editing, publishing, etc, and a shared calendar can show a schedule of when different blog posts will be published.

Blog Post Board
Blog Post Trello Board
Creating a Blog Post Calendar
Creating a Blog Post Calendar

Then you can take it to the next level by having everyone working on the blog posts to synchronize all cards assigned to them with their own calendars to make sure they never miss the deadline for writing a post.

To make a scheduling blog post board of your own, set up your blog post Trello board and in the Trello Calendar Connector create a new Calendar Connection, select your blog post board and create a new calendar in your calendar account where all your blog post events can live. To share that blog post calendar with your colleagues head to your own calendar application (we support them all!) and share the calendar.

Workout plan

Sticking to a new exercise regime is all about organization and reward, and by combining the helpful, unignorable presence of your calendar schedule with the satisfaction of seeing your Trello cards flow across the board, you can create a workout plan that you’re sure to stick to!
…and maybe if one of your work colleagues decides today is pizza day and you can’t say no, you can update your scheduled exercise and it will update on your Trello board automatically.
Update Trello via Calendar
Change the event in your Calendar and Trello cards update automatically
If you have a way of using Cronofy’s Trello Calendar Connector that we haven’t covered and it’s really working for you, let us know about it on Twitter!

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Date: 13th June 2016 | Category: Business, Cronofy, How To, Productivity, Time Out