Finally there’s a first class API for calendars

Author: Adam Bird

6th August 2014

One of the realisations I had early on when I was frustrated by how useless calendars were to me, was that CalDAV was an awful API for app integration. As I investigated further it was clear that Google’s Calendar API was more sensible but, of course, only worked for Google.

I decided to do something about this. A huge problem that developers, product owners and end users deal with every day could be solved, and this was my original inspiration and drive for Cronofy. My goal was to produce a first class API for calendars that would make people’s lives easier.

The Cronofy solution

Fast forward to now and here at Cronofy we’ve had to build a common data model and solve authorisation flow problems in order to deliver our calendar services. Limiting ourselves to a minority of users (Google) wasn’t an option so we’ve solved the hard stuff (Apple, Exchange, etc).

Fundamentally, we believe that calendars are too important a tool for running our lives to not be integrated with the applications we use to run our businesses.

In our mind, iCal file downloads or public, insecure feeds do not constitute integration.

Calendars, done better

After processing hundreds of thousands of events, we’re ready to make our secure API available to application developers who want:

  • A common and (dare we say) sensible data model.
  • A common authorisation approach.
  • Web hooks for when things change.
  • To support all the calendars without the maintenance overhead of supporting all the calendars.

Whether you’re integrating existing third party apps, creating your own, or a combination of the two, you can use a calendar API that just works. And will continue to work, meaning you’re free to invest your time in the tasks that matter to you, not repeatedly fixing things that are suddenly broken, or utilising messy hacks just to get the job done ‘for now’.

It’s time our calendars worked for us

Best of all, you can enjoy the Cronofy API for free. To get started, find out more about Cronofy for developers or head straight to our Calendar API Documentation.

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Adam Bird

Date: 6th August 2014 | Category: Cronofy