Announcing a major new feature for Cronofy: Enterprise Connect

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

29th September 2016

Calendars are essential to businesses, without calendars organisations can’t schedule work or manage time efficiently to be more productive. Employees can access their calendars on their phone, their computer and online to stay up-to-date with future deadlines and commitments.

Cronofy makes it straightforward for the users of an application to get their Calendars connected. Calendar Connected applications work with their users’ schedules. They create and update events on their users’ behalf. They work around the commitments their users have already made.

The way this has been achieved so far is that a software provider works with Cronofy to have each user grant access to their Calendars.

The Challenge for B2B

Many of our customers provide software serving whole organisations. These might be HR platforms, CRMs or software for education. For them it can be a challenge to get every individual in an organisation to authorise access to their calendar.
This a problem we have been determined to solve, and so we are proud to present a major new feature on the Cronofy platform: Enterprise Connect.

Every Company Calendar Connected

Enterprise Connect allows a software provider to gain access to the calendars of an entire organisation all in one go. This allows for a great user experience. No need for each user to grant access to their company calendar, the software is already working with their schedule from the moment they log in.

This means whole companies with meetings that never clash. It means no more manual adding, updating or rescheduling events. The availability of a whole organisation surfaced instantly to those who need it. All without any setup required on the part of the users.
High Five

Rooms and Resources

What’s more, having access to all calendars within an organisation means you can access the calendars of resources. Meeting rooms, equipment and parking spaces can be managed by your software. Every aspect of the event under your control.

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Complete Control

Some organisations might be uncomfortable giving access to every calendar. Perhaps they are fine with you accessing their sales team’s calendars but not the schedules of senior management. This is no problem at all. Organisations themselves have full control over which calendars are accessible via Enterprise Connect.

You may also wish to connect the calendars of people outside of that organisation. Perhaps you need to access the calendars of contractors or visitors. This can be achieved using the usual Cronofy authorisation flow. Both approaches work perfectly alongside each other.

Try Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is a totally new way to work with Calendars and a great way to enhance and differentiate your product. If you’d like to know more about Enterprise Connect we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our Sales team on +44 203 868 5773 (EU) / +1 (347) 778 2549 (US) or email us at

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Date: 29th September 2016 | Category: Features