How to Deliver a First-Class Hiring Experience

Author: Laura Green

28th January 2020

As part of our ‘HR+TECH Best Practices’ series we are presenting an in-depth look at the full candidate and employee lifecycle. We’ll also explore the role of technology in helping you deliver an outstanding experience from start to finish.

Establishing the right recruitment process can be a tantalizing task. We look at how HR Tech providers are helping their clients win the war for talent and break the candidate journey down into the key stages.

We’ve partnered with our software clients – and experts in HR Tech. At each stage of the process you’ll find relevant data and insights on best practices.

From candidate marketing and graduate recruitment to the new types of candidate screening and latest tech-led interview techniques. Wherever your focus lies, our graphic has the answers to kick-start a best-in-class candidate experience.

  • Win the war for talent and ensure that you have a fighting chance of obtaining the very best.
  • Employ the latest technology and tools for engaging with potential recruits and decrease time to hire.
  • Maximize all the essential touch points and save time in the recruitment process.

Get the graphic here.

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Laura Green

Date: 28th January 2020 | Category: HR Tech