2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Author: Adam Bird

24th March 2020

Cronofy has responded quickly and deliberately to the developing situation and advice from the UK Government and the World Health Organization.

Our priorities have been and continue to be to keep Cronofy employees safe, to support the organizations that depend on Cronofy, and to ensure that Cronofy and the team doesn’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Service availability

The Cronofy service is fully hosted within high availability public cloud environments ensuring that there as been no disruption to service. Our customers can be confident that they will be able to continue to rely on the service as they always have.

All of the services we use to run Cronofy are also operated in public cloud environments so no ongoing disruption is foreseen.

Service pricing

We would typically increase prices on the 1st of April to reflect the new functionality available to our customers and the additional value they bring. We’ve decided to defer these changes until at least 1st July 2020.

Office shutdowns

We closed both of our offices on March 12th and moved the entire team to home working. We already operated a hybrid working model with some team members remote full-time. We assisted any team members with monitors, chairs and anything they needed to setup a sustainable setup for home working.

We’re reviewing this on a weekly basis to improve our ability to sustain this working pattern on an ongoing basis if necessary.

Travel ban

Alongside the closing of our offices we instigated a work travel ban on the 12th March and encouraged our team to avoid personal travel wherever possible.

Sickness and support

Our team decide whether they are well enough to work. Our culture is one of honesty and finding balance in life. We are ensuring that everyone remembers that and don’t feel a duty to work if they are not fit.

During this time there will be a variety of demands placed on our team from their personal lives. Many of the team have children as well as elderly and vulnerable relatives that depend on them, especially now. We’re adapting the way we operate to help people give the time they need to support others.

Be excellent to each other

This pandemic and its consequences will test and stretch individuals and organizations as we operate in a very different world to just a few weeks ago. Our principles are our guide.

We have to assume that this is this new normal for the coming months and possibly longer. Our decision making is even more deliberate than usual to ensure that Cronofy can continue to fulfil its obligations to everyone that we work with.

If you have any questions about how Cronofy is handling the pandemic and how it might impact you or your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@cronofy.com.

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Date: 24th March 2020 | Category: Announcements