Connecting Calendars after the sun sets on Sunrise

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

11th August 2016

In October last year, eight months after acquiring the brilliant Sunrise Calendar, Microsoft announced that it would be shutting down Sunrise in order to focus on revamped Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Great news for Outlook users and the writers of puntastic blog post headlines, but disappointing news for Sunrise’s legions of fans who loved how Sunrise effortlessly connected to their favorite productivity apps.

Our Vision

At Cronofy we believe Calendars should truly reflect the many commitments in our day to day lives. We want the Calendars that sit in all of our pockets and on all of our desktops to serve as the interface for managing the demands of every app, service and product clamouring for our time.
Organise everything from your Calendar
Everything we book should be in the context of our schedule and every change we make to that schedule should happen within our Calendars.
Our time is too precious to be spent co-ordinating the deadline on our Trello board with the holiday we booked and the dental appointment we’re trying to fit in.

With that goal in mind, we created a great ubiquitous Calendar API to allow service providers to quickly create rich two-way interactions with the users of any of the many calendar services we use.

Our Calendar Connectors

As a demonstration of that vision we have used our Calendar API to build free to use Calendar Connectors to connect our favourite productivity apps with Apple iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google calendars.
Update Trello via Calendar
Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve built so far:

Trello Calendar Connector

Connect your calendar to Trello and manage your deadlines alongside your schedule. Add a card to Trello, set a due date and it’s automatically added to your calendar as an event. Change that event in your Calendar and the due date on Trello will magically update.

Connect Trello to your Calendar here:
Check out our blog post on different ways to use the Trello Calendar Connector to manage your workload

Evernote Calendar Connector

Have the reminders you set in Evernote appear in your calendar, then from your calendar you can update the reminder date and title by editing the event or delete the event to remove the Evernote reminder.

Connect Evernote to your Calendar here:
Find out more information about how to connect your Calendar to Evernote

Slack Calendar Connector

Connect your calendar to Slack to get reminders before an event starts and updates when an event is changed. You have total control over which Slack groups and channels receive updates and you can use the command /cronofy in Slack to get events summaries.

Connect Slack to your Calendar here:

Zendesk Calendar Connector

Use the Zendesk Calendar Connector to see Zendesk tasks appear your team’s calendars automatically. Mark a Zendesk Ticket as a Task and an event will appear in the assigned agent’s calendar. Move the Calendar event and the due date of the task will be automatically updated in Zendesk.

Connect Zendesk to your Calendar here:

Everything connected

Sunrise may be no more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a connected Calendar regardless of the Calendar service you decide to use.

Thousands of people are already connecting their Calendar to the services they use with Cronofy and we’d love to hear about the services and apps you use that you’d like to see working with your Calendar. If there’s a Calendar Connector you’d like to see, do let us know on Twitter or drop us an email.

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Date: 11th August 2016 | Category: Productivity