What You Need to Know About Calendar Sync for HR Software

Author: Kristina Proffitt

17th October 2017

More and more customers want software that connects to their calendars.

Because of this, adding calendar sync to your software gives you a competitive advantage. The more calendar services your software connects to, the greater that advantage.

But why do customers want calendar sync? And what are the biggest benefits to your HR software?

Calendar sync saves time

Calendar sync saves time
Employees are busy people. The more time they waste on monotonous tasks, the less time they have to spend on important ones. When employees have less time to spend on important tasks, it takes them longer to build their skills and help towards company goals.

For every five minutes an employee spends organizing a meeting, that’s five minutes less that they have to work on a higher-value task. If they spend just five minutes a day organizing meetings, they waste 25 minutes a week, or over two hours a month. A lot can be achieved in that time. Thousands of words could be written; an entire webinar series could be completed; a meeting could be attended.

Calendar sync puts employees in control of how they spend their time. The more control they have, the less likely they are to feel stressed or burned out, and the happier they are in their roles. This reduces employee churn rate and means that companies save money because they’re not constantly hiring. Happy employees leads to a stronger employer brand and means that when companies do hire, they’re more likely to attract the best talent.

Businesses are more profitable

Calendar sync makes businesses more profitable
When businesses spend more time helping employees, those employees stick around for longer. They therefore don’t hire as often so have more time and money to spend on other things. This makes CEOs and investors happier, and because of the company’s success, it attracts more customers and more investors. So the company grows even faster. It becomes a cycle that benefits everyone within the company. And all because employees have a more streamlined way of operating.

It’s more secure

Calendar sync - especially when using Enterprise Connect - is more secure
Security is important for any business. That’s why some companies are reluctant to embrace calendar sync. The more ways into their server they create, the more entrances into their server there is to monitor. There’s also a greater risk of something going wrong.

That’s why we built Enterprise Connect.

Enterprise Connect is a secure way to connect your software to your users’ calendars. There’s just one entry point for each company that connects to your software, meaning that there are fewer entry points for you and your customers to worry about.

Enterprise Connect also gives businesses full control over who is calendar synced and when. It’s just as easy to get a team or individual calendar connected as it is an organization of thousands. Should an individual or team no longer need calendar connectivity, they can be disconnected just as easily.

To comply with US and EU privacy laws, you can also choose whether your data is hosted in our US or EU data center.

You pay for what you use

Unlike with traditional software, with calendar sync, you pay for what you use
Twenty years ago, companies could spend hundreds on the latest software only for it to be out of date within a year.

Software as a service changes all of this. Companies pay for what they use and always have access to the latest version. That means that great products and features – like calendar sync – are as accessible to startups as they are to Fortune 500s.

Integration is simple

Integration with Cronofy is simple
The fewer calendar APIs you integrate with, the easier it is for developers to create and maintain connections. It also means you can roll out calendar sync – and all the great features that come along with it – to your customers sooner. However, when your software only works with one or two calendar services, you risk isolating potential customers.

Cronofy helps you to build software that works with all the major calendar services while working with just one API. Developers can manage all the connections from the same place, giving them extra time to spend on more important projects. We also handle all the ongoing maintenance for you.

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