Organize Meetings Better with Attendee Support

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

30th March 2017

Creating a calendar event often is only the first step of the process, you then need to decide who has to attend, which attendees are optional and where to hold the meeting itself. The meeting booking flow really comes to life when you can track in real-time who has accepted the invitation and record changes to participants’ schedules.

A lot of our users want to be able to manage the attendee list for events and automate the invitation process. This is why we are delighted to announce that we have just released a new feature for our Calendar API: Attendee support.

This feature allows developers to build booking systems and set them up to accept a list of people to invite to an event. Cronofy will then automatically trigger the creation of calendar invite emails to your invite list and sync acceptance changes as and when they come in. The invites are generated by your calendar service and will be a standard email that can contain all the event details.

When an attendee accepts the event it will be added to their calendars. Our API will notify your booking system that the event has been accepted. If the event is declined it will also notify your system.

For the person receiving the invitation it simply looks like any other event invite.

Along with adding invitees to events we also support the removal of invitations from events. These will again automatically send an email to the invited email address to notify the calendar user of the changes.

Finally, if the event is cancelled and deleted via the API we will automatically email your invitees with a cancellation email to let them know.

This new feature is especially useful for businesses where staff have to book meetings or events requiring multiple attendees. It is critical to have a clear view of who is able to attend and who won’t. It can also help with setting up yearly appraisal meetings.

We recommend using this feature with our Availability API, especially after adding meeting rooms and other bookable resources to the calendar servers. It makes it really easy to find an available space and then send event invites whilst keeping a real-time view of expected attendance.

If you want to learn more about this feature take a look at our API documentation or just fill this form and we will be in touch shortly!

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Jérémy Bourhis

Date: 30th March 2017 | Category: Announcements, Cronofy