Announcing our EU data centre

Author: Garry Shutler

1st February 2017

At Cronofy, one of the things we take very seriously is privacy. Hand-in-hand with privacy comes data protection.

When it comes to calendars, data security is paramount. Calendars are windows into people’s personal and professional lives. They can hold anything from board meetings to medical appointments.

Native calendar services generally have an “all or nothing” approach to exposing their calendar data. We already provide an additional layer of permissions above that so you are only exposed to the calendar data you actually need, be that just free-busy information, or purely the ability to put events in your users calendars without any other access.

This reduces your burden when it comes to data protection as it means that you can assure your users that you cannot see the data they don’t want you to see. In turn, that allows you to concentrate on building great scheduling features.

However, no matter what legal constructs are in place, it’s often better from a data protection perspective that data does not cross borders at all. Because of this a common request from our EU-based customers was to keep their customers’ data with in the EU.

The best way to resolve these problems for our EU-based customers was to create an entirely separate instance of the Cronofy platform within the EU, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. We selected Germany as the location for this instance of our service due to its location within Europe and also because it has some of the most stringent data protection laws within the European Union.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this please get in touch.

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Garry Shutler

Date: 1st February 2017 | Category: Business, Cronofy